A French man has set a new world altitude record — more than 13,000 feet — by climbing up on top of a hot air balloon to set the feat for a charity telethon.

Remi Ouvrard set the record on Wednesday when he stood on top of the balloon more than 2 miles above the surface of the Earth over western France.

Petite dédicace à toute l’équipe de @BRUNOFUNRADIO ! Barre des 3637 m franchie, debout sur le Ballon du Téléthon Bah Karina, t’étais où ?! #worldrecord #montgolfière @Telethon_France pic.twitter.com/ZjKxWV5mv9— Rémi Ouvrard (@ouvrard_remi) November 10, 2021

Ouvrard, 28, was in a white spacesuit on top of a balloon piloted by his father over Chatellerault.

The daredevil performed the stunt for France’s annual telethon charity event, which raises money for neuromuscular disease research.

Ouvrard also held the previous record, set in 2019, of almost 4,000 feet.

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