The Eagles tied the Chargers on a touchdown catch by DeVonta Smith with 6:07 left in Sunday’s game and it felt like there was enough time left on the clock that they’d get at least one more chance with the ball before the game was over.

That did not turn out to be the case. The Chargers used 15 plays to run all but two seconds off the clock before Dustin Hopkins tried a field goal. Hopkins hit a kick to put the Chargers up 27-24 and the final seconds bled out on the ensuing kickoff.

The drive featured a pair of fourth down conversions and head coach Brandon Staley said in his postgame press conference that he thought the team’s offensive balance allowed them to realize their goal of ending the game with the ball in their possession.

“On that last drive I thought that was a good example of that,” Staley said. “A lot of key plays on that drive. Everybody touched the ball for us on that drive and I think that makes you tough to defend. [Justin Herbert] executed at a really high level today. What we wanted to do was finish that game with the football. We had the big fourth-and-one that we executed and then we split them on a run that really got us in there close.”

Wide receiver Keenan Allen said it felt like “we just took over” on that final drive and that late surge earned them a road win in Week Nine.

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