It’s still tough to believe considering their scarcity, but the calendar confirms that Nvidia’s RTX 30 series graphics cards launched over a year ago. The show must go on however, and for Nvidia that means the development and subsequent launch of its next-gen RTX cards, whether that means they will be good for gamers or miners, is an entirely different question.

PCGamesN recently highlighted a tweet from hardware leaker kopite7kimi on the subject, suggesting a new generation of cards from Nvidia – namely the 4090, 4080 and 4070 – could surface in the third quarter of 2022. It’s unclear if this time frame would be for the cards’ announcement or actual launch.

Earlier rumors hinted at an October 2022 launch date for Nvidia’s Ampere successor, codenamed Lovelace. Assuming the latest rumor is accurate, it’s possible that Nvidia has shifted its roadmap by at least a couple of months.

Nvidia’s Lovelace cards are expected to be built on TSMC’s N5 node process and could offer twice the performance of existing 30 Series cards, albeit at the expense of higher power consumption. Another well-known leaker, Greymon55, recently hinted that next-gen GPUs could command double the amount of power of today’s cards. If true, one might need to also budget for a new power supply if their current unit isn’t up to the task.

Back in October, reports surfaced regarding a 30 Series refresh said to be in the works. New versions of existing cards with more memory would be welcome by some, but I’m certain others would just as happily like to see the existing lineup available to purchase at their intended MSRPs.

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