Become an Interior Designer


  • This book will provide you with easy-to-understand steps and insights, leaving you with a strong foundation for creating successful projects for your clients!


Don’t wait! There are many interior spaces waiting for you to use your talent as you love them into being – becoming more functional, and more beautiful.

Janine Arnesen-Nolt has extensive experience in the world of interior design. She not only runs a successful design business, but also loves sharing her expertise by teaching and coaching up-and-coming interior designers.

Upon reading Become an Interior Designeryou will:


  • feel equipped and confident when designing for your clients.
  • provide your services in a smart, professional manner.
  • be filled with joy to offer your natural talents in creative ways.
  • be able to make a difference in the world by professionally providing safe, and beautiful spaces for everyone.

Why you? Because most people do not have this natural gift and are not able to envision a space creatively, so they need your help! Please follow your dream, your calling, and help design this world into a better, more beautiful place for everyone!